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Trent Jeray.jpg

Trent Jeray

Trent is a long time Memphis Jooker, and currently a professional dancer for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.



Instagram: @trentjeray

Tarrik Moore.jpg

Tarrik Moore

President at UDIG dance company, Executive Director at MJ Urban Ballet Theatre, and longtime Memphis Jookin pioneer. Tarrik's goal is to save lives by creating opportunity through Jookin. 



Instagram: @udigdance

Daniel Price.jpg

Daniel Price

Memphis Jookin pioneer, and author of The Jook.


Purchase The Jook: The Jook



Instagram: @jookindp 

Lil Buck.jpg

Charles "Lil Buck" Riley

World renowned Memphis Jooker, and founding member of Movement Artis.

Manager (Jai Armmer):


Instagram: @lilbuckdalegend

DJ Squeeky.jpg

DJ Squeeky

Crafter of the Memphis Hip Hop sound, founder of Crunk music, and producer for Young Dolph.

Website: Squeeky on Apple Music


Instagram: @djsqueeky_


Terrance "G-Nerd" Smith

Memphis Jooker and host of Jookin Warz series.  He competes in dance competitions frequently overseas, and is well respected in the dance world.

Website: MemphisDanceWorld


Instagram: @gnerd901


Justin "Merrick" Merrick

Merrick is a singer-songwriter, and music historian, who is the former Artistic Director at Stax Music Academy, and current Executive Director at Center for Transforming Communities.


Instagram: @justngranville

Preston Lauterbach.jpg

Preston Lauterbach

Preston is a historian and author, who's written award-winning novels; Beale Street Dynasty, Chitlin' Circuit, and his latest, Bluff City.


Dra'em Hines.jpg

Dra'em Hines

Dra'em is a rising star.  Currently in high school, he spends his time perfecting his moves so that he can take on the world with Memphis Jookin.

Instagram: @draem901

Ladia Yates

Ladia Yates

Ladia is a longtime professional dancer who's appeared in several professional music videos. She is also the Owner of L.Y.E. Academy. 



Instagram: @lye_academy

Pastor Earle Fisher.jpg

Pastor Earle Fisher

Pastor Earle is the Senior Pastor at Abyssinian Missionary Baptist Church.  He is also a professor and full-time activist in his community.

Website: AbyssinianMissionaryBaptistChurch


Instagram: @pastor_earle

Dr. Marie Milam.jpg

Dr. Marie Milam

Dr. Milam had a career in Memphis as an educator that spanned over four decades.  She was the former Executive Director of Yo! Memphis Foundation, Inc., before it was shut down by the city.  She is now retired and enjoying life.


Ryan Haskett.jpg

Ryan Haskett

Ryan is a Memphis Jooker and DJ, who is a popular face on the Memphis scene.  He was mentored by some of the best Jookers and has traveled the United States and the world spreading the art form.

Website: RyanTheMind.TV


Instagram: @ryandthemindtv

Terran Noir.jpg

Terran Noir

Terran has been choreographing since she was 13 years old.  She is currently the choreographer for the NBA's Memphis Grizzly Cheerleaders and the owner of SubRoy Studios, a dance company that trains Memphis youth to be professional dancers.  She also taught Lil Buck his professional dance training. 



Instagram: @terrannoir

Ryan Webb.jpg

Ryan Webb

Ryan is a multi-disciplined dancer and Director of Education at Urban Artistry in Silver Spring, Maryland.  He travels teaching dance and has a particular fondness for Memphis Jookin.



Instagram: @futureasns

Kerviorr Taylor.jpg

Keviorr Taylor

Keviorr started his career as a part of the legendary Beale Street Flippers.  He is now a member of the dance collective Movement Artis where he travels the world doing Memphis Jookin. 

Instagram: @keviorr_the_return

Dr. Rico.jpg

Marico "Dr. Rico" Flake

Dr. Rico is a Memphis Jookin pioneer who is referred to as the Doctor of Memphis Jookin.  He teaches and competes in dance competitions around the world. 


Instagram: @drrico

Lil Black.jpg

Jonathan "Lil Black" Gaston

Jonathan is a talented dancer who is one of the few people to make a living off of Memphis Jookin.  He started his career as a backup dancer for the Hip Hop group, Three Six Mafia.  He's appeared in ebay commercials travels overseas frequently. 


Instagram: lilblack_jookin

Trill V.jpg

Tevonshe "Trill V" Hines

Trill V is a talented Memphis Jooker who has danced in Montreal at Cirque Eloize. 


Instagram: @trillvbumpin

Walter Bailey_1.jpg

Walter Bailey

Walter Bailey is the former Shelby County Commissioner, and longest serving County Commissioner in the country - 44 years.  He is also a criminal lawyer and has a practice in Memphis.  He's the older brother of the late D'Army Bailey, civil rights activist, circuit court judge, and founder of the National Civil Rights Museum.  


Johnte Cunningham .jpg

Johnte Cunningham

Johnte is a multi-disciplined dancer from Washington, DC.  He is currently part of the dance collective Urban Artistry in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Instagram: @jnte

B. Frank.jpg

Brandon "B. Frank" Holland

B. Frank is a Memphis Jookin pioneer, a jack-of-all-trades, and the life of the party. He continues to be entrenched in the Memphis Jookin scene.

Instagram: @bfrankdaking

Jai Armmer.jpg

Jai Armmer

Jai is a multi-talented Hip Hop music producer, videographer, and is responsible for helping Memphis Jookin to spread around the world.  He is also partly responsible for the success of Lil Buck.  As his manager he makes sure that Buck is booked for gigs with Yo Yo Ma and Madonna. 



Instagram: @memphisjookin

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